Fanduel Sportsbook best features: Get the most from your wagering

Fanduel sportsbook gives you a chance to bet and earn more using their free betting credits offer. In this review, I share my experience regarding the best features of the U.S. fantasy bookmarker sportsbook platform.

The best Features of Fanduel

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A question most people would ask when it comes to using a sportsbook is which features make it outstanding? This is what I asked before signing up to play at Fanduel. While the New-York based daily fantasy betting website is known to give players attractive deals, the fact that it is the second-largest such platform after Draftkings was in itself attractive. Thus, I signed up to explore some of its features. The following features are both unique and special in one way or the other:

Fanduel Popular Sports

I have always wanted to try Fanduel sportsbook, so after signing up, I was immediately taken captive by a section on the sportsbook referred to as ‘popular.’ The catch which this section as I later found out is that it features popular trending sports, making it easy to select sports and betting markets. You can view all popular sports at a glance or toggle between sports besides the ‘all’ icon.  Soccer, darts, table tennis, and tennis are mostly featured in this section.  I enjoyed using this feature not only because I get a glimpse into the popular games but also because it features additional betting tools such as in-play and live streaming. Live games appear at the top, beside which are live scores and live odds.

Fanduel Odd boosts

Another feature that I consider the best on the Fanduel sportsbook is its odds boost feature. In this section, punters get to take advantage of boosted odds at a glance. A notable aspect with this feature is the comparison between original and new odds. The variation is often in the range of +50 to +100 which is a huge value addition for punters. The only disadvantage with this feature is that only two money line betting options are available. You can toggle between all sports and specific sports that have boosted odds in this section, something I found very useful.

Fanduel Cash-out

Another feature I liked here is Fanduel’s cash-out. Cash-out makes it possible to avoid losing your entire stake on a bet. While it functions like most features on other betting platforms, the one on Fanduel is unique. You will see a cash-out icon displayed alongside eligible bets, making it easy to withdraw winnings at the earliest opportunity possible. However, the sportsbook reserves the right to accept or dismiss a cash-out request. I find this quite unfair because the booker does not give punters all the freedom they need to use the feature. You cannot also reverse the cash-out process once initiated.

Live Streaming at Fanduel

Fanduel live streaming

Live streaming has become a popular yet unique asset on most sports betting websites.  However, something that makes this feature at Fanduel is that punters can withdraw their winnings in real-time when playing live games. The cash-out add-on on live sections makes it easy to play, win, and earn on-the-go. The features functions in two ways. You can place a bet on live events and while watching/stream live games at the same time. Customers must log in to their accounts to watch live sports.  The fact that I can take advantage of this feature and place a wager on real-time odds makes it very appealing.  However, there is no offer or bonus for this section, in which case, you must use your account balance to play.

Fanduel keep the cash

I was also drawn to ‘Fanduel Keep the Cash,’ a feature that gives punters more ways of winning. This is a million-dollar ($1,000,000) contest.  With this feature, punters can only win the prize is they excel in Fanduel question trivia. There are 20 questions, most of which revolve around betting. For example, you may be required to answer a question about a team that will score first, total touchdowns in an NFL match or player props.  The good thing about this feature on Fanduel is that it is not restricted to states in which the Fanduel sportsbook operates.  The only disadvantage that comes with this is the huge risk that comes with it because nothing is ever in your favor? After all, who will give you a million dollars that easy? Well, prepare for some tough questions and a rough ride if you want to use this feature.

Fanduel Mobile App

I also tried using the Fanduel app and found it very useful. It made my gaming experience even more exciting. The sportsbook app combines casino platform, something that makes it even more versatile. It is easy to navigate, thanks to strategic and responsive navigation buttons. The live, popular and boosted odds made it particularly handy for me.

FAQ on Fanduel features and offers

Before using Fanduel to place bets on my favorite sport (soccer), I asked some vital questions, some of which touched on their promotional offers. They include:

How Can I withdraw money from my Fanduel sportsbook account?

It is easy to withdraw winnings from your Fanduel account. Go to your account and click ‘withdraw.’ Indicate amount and click continue. Take note that the maximum daily payout for any combination is $1,000,000.

How do I download Fanduel App?

To download Fanduel App, go to the Apple play store for iOS users or download an APK file from their website for android users.

Which promotions are available for app users?

If you are using Fanduel for the first time, you can still claim a welcome bonus plus free betting credit if you sign-up using the company’s app.

Can I withdraw Fanduel bonus credits?

No, you cannot withdraw bonuses. You must use them to earn. Earnings from Fanduel bonuses are eligible for withdrawal.

Does Fanduel stream live soccer matches?

Yes, soccer games are eligible for streaming on Fanduel. Provided you have logged into your account, navigate to live section to start streaming a game of your choice.

How do I use the Fanduel promo code to claim my bonus?

You must use the Fanduel promo code where applicable to claim site player bonuses. On the website, go to the deposit fund and fill in your code in the required section to be eligible for betting bonuses and credits.

Who is eligible to register on the Fanduel sportsbook?

In the U.S.A, the legal gambling age is 21. Fanduel will ask to verify your location and identity before you can proceed to play on their site. Alternatively, you can sign up through Facebook, something that makes it easy to verify your age.

How does Fanduel verify my location?

When launching the Fanduel app or website, it requests a player to confirm their location. You can choose Colorado, New Jersey, West Virginia, PA, or Indiana. You must enable location access on your smartphone for it to be successful.

Our Opinion and Review about Fanduel Sportsbook best features

fanduel sportsbook review

Fanduel is a fast-growing betting company. Originally a fantasy betting, punters can now place wagers on sports of their choice on the platform. I found the platform trustworthy and customer support is very helpful. However, they should improve game graphics, and add more live game stats to remain competitive in a fast-evolving U.S gaming landscape.