Fanduel MLB Betting Guide: All Bases Covered!

Take advantage of Fanduel sports betting bonus to place your wager on MLB events. In this review, I take you through everything you should know about baseball betting on Fanduel to help you do the right thing if you choose to sign up with the sportsbook.

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Fanduel MLB Betting Offers For Sports Bettors

One way of earning more from your stakes at Fanduel is to take advantage of available sports betting offers on its sports betting platform. In this case, the question everyone would be asking right now is whether there offers for Major League Baseball or not. Well, for starters, betting on MLB on any sportsbook comes with risk. However, if you can claim available bonuses, everything else involves understanding the sports. The following are baseball/MLB offers available for Fanduel customers:

  • Risk-free sports betting credit: New customers get up to $500 in risk-free betting site refund for losses incurred within the first 24 hours.
  • New Player initiation deposit bonus match-up. Get up $5 when you deposit $5 to use on MLB cutting across National League (NL) or American League (AL) games.

Fanduel MLB Events Available For Betting

baseball MLB field

On Fanduel sportsbook, Major League Baseball is prominently covered. Some of the most popular events on the platform include American League East, American League Central, American League West, American National League East, National League West, National, and Central. To further help you understand available sporting events in these sections, the following guide you help you get started with betting on MLB at Fanduel:

Game outcome Futures

MLB futures are a popular betting market on the Fanduel sportsbook. Futures is all about predicting the money line bet value in the future, in which case, you can place a money line bet on a team that will win MLB world series 2020. For example, the money line bet for Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series is +380 at the time of writing this MLB betting guide for Fanduel players.  The money line for St. Louis Cardinals is +2300. Another market for game future is league outrights, in which case, the New York Yankees money line is +165. Seattle Mariners have a money line bet of +50000 in league outrights. Game features also cover league divisions, in which case, you can pick money line depending on a team you are predicting to win AL East, West, or Central. Features bets are also available for National league division.

Moreover, punters can go for a win percentage futures bet for the regular season. In this case, the most popular game totals (overs and unders). For example, if a punter thinks Toronto Blue Jays will win the season, the regular season futures percentage for 2020 on Fanduel for the team currently stands at -110 (Over 46.5) or -110 (under 46.5). It is noteworthy that winning bet applies only  when at least 75% of the matches have been played.

Players’ futures are another popular MLB betting market. Punters can place a wager on say, American league baseball player, Mike Trout at money odds +140 to the most valuable player (MVP). If you are an astute follower of National league, money line futures for a player like Mookie Betts currently stands at +600 for MVP.

Fanduel Live Betting & Streaming For Baseball

Fanduel live stream feature is a handy tool for punters looking to earn more from their wagers. Live streaming incorporates live in-play betting, which means players can take advantage of live odds on feature sports in this section. Currently, the sportsbook only covers a few sports. It does not, however, stream MLB despite being the first U.S bases sportsbook to offer this service. To stream sports, you must log into your account. The streaming feature is available on their mobile app and website and only accessible to players within its operational jurisdictions.

Fanduel MLB Betting Odds

Fanduel MLB odds are fairly competitive, beating some major industry players. You can pick futures odd for your World Series predictions or go for player features on either AL or NL. At the time of writing this review, World Series 2020 money line futures bet for Los Angeles Dodgers on Fanduel was +380 with Seattle Mariners give odds of +50000. When compared to Draftkings odds for the same teams at the time of writing this which stood at +375 and +75,000, the difference indicates that Fanduel baseball odds completely favorably with those available on the sportsbook of other industry players.

MLB Betting Tips at Fanduel

Fanduel has a betting guide section to help punters learn how to place a wager on different sports available on its sportsbook platform. In particular, available betting markets and rules help players understand the rules of wagering. Under markets, rules, and offerings, there is a complete MLB baseball. It highlights and explains different types of baseball bets such as money line, run line, total runs, double result, tri-bet, inning runs, and more. Rules that apply to each of these markets are equally explained, something that makes it easy for customers who are new to MLB betting.

MLB Betting Best Features On Fanduel

Fanduel MLB

Fanduel boasts of some outstanding betting features on its sportsbook platform. They include:

Fanduel MLB betting Cash-out

MLB betting on Fanduel is eligible for Cash-out. It means punters can always withdraw part of winnings before a match is resulted in full-time. This is a feature every player would like to use; especially when it becomes evident you are bound to lose a stake.

Real-time scores for Baseball betting

Another special feature that makes MBL betting on Fanduel particularly interesting is real-time results or live scores.  While baseball is not streamed live, following real-time scores is itself satisfying.

Fanduel Bet slip editor

You can edit your MLB bet on Fanduel before placing a wager. Delete bets using the ‘delete’ icon on the left side of your selections. You can also delete the entire bet slip, change it to a teaser by adding two selections from basketball or switch to Round Robin bet, all available within the bet slip view.

Fanduel MLB Betting Review: Our verdict/conclusion

Baseball betting is a popular sport and is available in most sportsbooks.  The betting markets for MLB are notwithstanding extensive, giving punters a chance to place a wager on a winning selection. Fanduel Sportsbook makes baseball gaming look easy and straightforward, thanks to their blog section giving insights into different types of bets available on their platform. On average, Fanduel scores highly on their coverage of MLB.